Towa Tours Limited

  • Introduction
  • Founded in 1963, we have been serving our customers and institutional clients with creativity, experience and an understanding of our customers’ needs. This all stems from our work ethic – to work wholeheartedly for our customers.

    We understand our customers are very sophisticated (and often have particular a set of goals to achieve, ranging from creative ideas to cost control) and the travel/event industry is rapidly changing. In order to deliver a result that is to the high standard of our customers, we employ a team of experienced professionals and young dynamic talents to create the ideas that achieve our customers’ goals, and equally importantly, to execute the detailed logistics in another country.

    Over the years, our customers consist of household name international companies, including various financial institutions. We are proud to be the leader in the M.I.C.E. industry in Hong Kong and always look forward to work with and for you.

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