GreenPro Capital Group

  • Introduction
  • GreenPro Capital Group (NASDAQ: GRNQ) is a US Nasdaq listed multinational financial services company headquartered in Hong Kong. With more than 30 years of experience in the finance industry, GreenPro has accumulated a significant number of global professional certificates and strategic offices across the Asia Pacific region, which includes Kuala Lumpur, Taipei City, Bangkok, and Shenzhen.

    We started as a small accounting firm a decade ago and managed to transformed ourselves into the full range of financial services covering 4 major areas in New Finance such as Corporate Advisory, Wealth Management, Incubation and Fin-Tech. To serve our regional wide clients more comprehensively and sufficiently, we are proud to have nurtured a group of passionate talents working delicately for our clients and having a diversified service portfolios to cater to our client needs.

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