WineWorld Xplorer

  • Introduction
  • WWX is a global wine trading platform with comprehensive wine portfolio management tools and post-trading logistics and storage support. WWX connects buyers with wine trading opportunities in 3 established wine hubs: United Kingdom, France and Hong Kong. Users can access actual price and stock of an extensive database of wine listings of verifiable provenance from sellers in above three markets.

    WWX’s ultimate vision is to realize the concept of “Wine as an Asset” by enhancing transparency, market efficiency and community governance in global wine trade using technology. The founding WineWorld team started in 2008. Over past 10 years, the team has curated a comprehensive and competitively priced wine portfolio for Hong Kong and China’s a growing community of wine traders and drinkers. Today, WineWorld is the trusted source of wines for more than 20,000 wine collectors, aficionados and on-trade partners.

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