• Introduction
  • The name, YSD, is abbreviated from Yeung's Design Interactive Limited. It was born in January 2000, found by Ivan Yeung and Eddy Yeung.

    Guess what? They are brothers. One day, Ivan asked Eddy about what's he going to do while Eddy was working with his Macintosh computer. Eddy replied that he aimed to be a website designer and was job-hunting in this industry, yet there was a slim chance of getting one as the Internet was underdeveloped in Hong Kong at that moment. Meanwhile, Ivan realised that he also loved design and the internet. An idea was then taken shape in his mind. He discussed with Eddy about setting up a company that could give confidence and make commitment to clients because they were dedicated to their business, instead of being freelancers. After all, YSD was established.

    Our goal is to create designs that are new, fresh and impressive to match our customers' unique corporate image. YSD's team discussions and meetings include our opinion, analysis, research and development. We believe that these are the essential steps for us to come up with our creative and unique ideas. We enjoy this procedure of work and treat it as a part of our life.

    We value high quality, service, creativity and uniqueness. We will only deliver the best designs to our customers and nothing less. We are known to provide excellent and professional service to each and everyone of our customers.

    19 years since our foundation, we decided to change our name from Yeung's Design Interactive Limited to YSD HK Limited (維思特香港有限公司). This renaming signals that YSD has grown from 2 founders into teams of professionals. From now on, our business will be led by our ever growing, aspiring and cooperative teams. This renaming was effective since 26th Apr, 2019.

    Though our name has been changed, our contact and office location remain the same, and you are welcome to reach out to our help at the same location, with the same contact numbers.

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