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  • Sylvia Lam - Business Development Manager
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  • BabyBasic was founded by registered dietitian (UK) Leslie Chan in 2015. The goal is to provide local parents with natural and organic complementary food choices suitable for the physical and developmental needs of Asian, assist parents to take care of the nutritional needs of infants and young children, and achieve ``Healthy tummy from the first bites'' .

    With more than ten years of experience in community nutrition education for young children, and as the father of three children, dietitian Leslie found that many imported baby foods on the market fail to meet the nutritional needs of infants and young children. Some baby foods contain a lot of sugar and salt in order to attract children to eat which indirectly develop the habit of eating strong flavors. Leslie and his team created the "3-in-1 Organic BB Germ Rice" as a solid food for infants during the reinforcement period, which enhances their intestinal health and immunity, and cultivates the eating habits of using whole grains as the solid food since childhood.
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  • 《 Oh !爸媽》「 最高安全檢測大獎 嬰兒輔食 」2019

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