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  • Combined Women’s Specialist Clinic, is the first privately-owned women’s specialist clinic combining both Chinese and Western medical concepts in Hong Kong. We are committed to promote the medical concept of integrating Chinese and Western medicine, aiming to achieve a strong medical complementation with advanced Western medical technology and the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. Our doctors and medical team have extensive experience and are committed to upholding professional ethics, putting the patients’ well-being first and foremost with the best possible treatment.

    Our services include Gynecology, Obstetrics, Reproductive Health, Breast Health, General Surgery, Chinese Medicine Health Care, Health Check-up, Lactation Specialists Services and Vaccination Programs etc.

    In the traditional Chinese medicine concepts, “Yin and Yang” and “Five Element Theory” form the theoretical basis of diagnosis. Illness is diagnosed through the four diagnostic methods of “Observation, Auscultation and Olfaction, Inquiry, Pulse Feeling and Palpation”. The treatment aims to recuperate the body and attain inner balance of human body functions thereby enhancing the immunity. On the other hand, Western medicine makes use of advanced medical instrument and the validity of laboratory test results to make an accurate diagnosis. By adopting the “cut and kill” practice, and targeting on the eradication of diseases, Western medicine treatments are often effective yet relatively with higher possibilities of side effects.

    Combined Women’s Specialist Clinic integrates both Chinese and Western medicine concepts, allowing both methods to work hand in hand for optimal results and minimize the side effects. By complementing both Chinese and Western medicines treatment method, we are able to provide the most suitable medical treatments for prevention, diagnosis and preserving one’s health for women.
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